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Warm Detox Foot Patch , Sap Sheet , foot pad

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  • MaterialWood Vinegar,Tourmaline,Chitosan, etc.

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Warm detox foot patch


The Warm Detox Foot Patch (or Warm Sap Patch) works wonderfully on the cold areas of your body. It keeps the heat and improves the blood circulation. The patch also generates an anion and far-infrared radiation to maximize the heat applied to the body.


  • Gradually keeps the heat
  • The heat improves the blood circulation and physical condition
  • The anion and far-infrared radiation promotes anti-aging


  • Wood Vinegar(Broad-Leaved Tree)
    The broad-leaved tree is in the same family as an oak tree. When it is heated and baked, the sap of the tree comes out with the steam. The steam is then cooled down to get the broad-leaved tree extract in both liquid and powder form. The color is dark brown.

  • Tourmaline
    It is collected from tourmaline gemstone and dilutes the body to the normal level.

  • Chitosan
    Activates the immune system and natural healing of the body.

  • Capsaicin
    The natural capsaicin from the peppers expands the blood vessels to allow a better flow of the blood. It also generates a lot of heat, as well as contains various anti cancerous contents.

  • The above ingredients are the main ingredients of the Detox foot patch (Sap Patch). Many other ingredients along with these will aid anti-aging and better blood circulation.


>> Package type

  • 10 patches/ 30 patches/ 2,500 patches
  • The amount of the patches can be varied depending on the customers’ request.

>> Size

Detox Foot Patch (Sap Patch)

82mm(w) X 65mm

Detox Foot Patch (Sap Patch)contents

5.0g ~ 5.5g

Fixed Patch

95mm X 132mm

Product Detail Image

warm sheet-01.jpg